Ing. Martin Jelínek
Construction | Delivery of machinery and equipment


Services and Construction

We use for construction, the front CAD system, as used by the company SolidVision, s.r.o. and I am therefore able to eliminate any de-bugging issues, within the developement stages.

Our focus is unequivocally, on the following areas:

  • Welding jigs
  • Measuring jigs
  • Assembly and production jigs
  • Storage, and of handling single-purpose machinesand equipment
  • Testing device/s
  • Continuous upgrade of machinery and equipment

It is also possisble to agree on the following:

  • Structural design assessment
  • Agreement on the converting of 2D data to 3D data, and vice versa
  • The creation of parametric models for on-line catalogues
Delivery of machines and equipment

Delivery of machinery and equipement

To reduce the stress factors of timing and of the realisation of the projects/construction...

I am able to deliver the equipment/machinery, on a turn key basis. I am willing to co-operate on projects according to this basis.

Therefore, I am specifically enthusiastic in working with partners on a long-term basis, due to our mutual and extensive experience.

Nevertheless, we have mutually agreed common practices, which in turn, makes the processes esier and much more efficient. You can look forward to the delivery of a professionally workable solution to your specific needs.


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Ing. Martin Jelínek
Babice nad Svitavou 467
664 01 Babice nad Svitavou
Czech Republic

GPS 49.2843244N, 16.7044292E

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